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A Terminal Anywhere


my.anyterm.org offers you an easier way to use Anyterm: rather than install it on your own systems, you just log in to my.anyterm.org from a browser and SSH or telnet from there. It's designed for system administrators and others who want a backup remote access method that will work from "web-only" internet cafes or from behind corporate firewalls.

You can join for a year for only £10. That's about US$12.50 or €11, depending on exchange rate fluctuations. You can pay using Paypal, which also accepts credit/debit card payments. Contact us if you'd like to pay by some other means. By joining my.anyterm.org you'll also be supporting the further development of Anyterm.

Once you've joined, going to my.anyterm.org will present you with a "desktop" from which you can start a terminal, and from the terminal you can SSH or telnet to your systems:

The desktop has buttons for   functions including preferences and changing your password.  The   terminal prompts for SSH commands.

Please try the demos to get an idea of the performance of the system and to check for any browser compatibility issues; the demos run on the same machine as the my.anyterm.org service.

Signup is currently disabled while my.anyterm moves to a new server. Please come back in a week or two.

The Small Print

Password Reset

Password reset is currently disabled due to the server move.