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A Terminal Anywhere


Untagged changes:

	Don't warn about leaving page after an error.
	Use C++11 std::atomic.
	Fix array bounds bug in differ.
	Support clang's thread safety warnings.
	Support 256 colours. You'll probably need to change $TERM to make 
		applications use this.
	Fix build system to work with versions of g++ where C++14 is not 
		the default.
	Tidy up close button.


	Remove rarely-used serial port support.
	Allow terminal to be resized by dragging bottom right corner.
	Use more C++11/C++14 features rather than Boost or libpbe equivalents.


	Fix SGR 10 (box-drawing).
	Fix bottom right corner box-drawing character.
	Improve some error reporting.
	Support ipv6 connections.
	Use C++11 synchronisation primitives (mutex and condition_variable);
		a C++11 compiler is now needed.
	Link with boost_system.
	Update copyright headers.


	Long-overdue tagging of a new release.  Minor build and code 
		changes to cope with new compilers.
	Fixes for Solaris.


	Fix for compilers that don't think they have atomic operations.
	Fix brokenness on Linux 2.4.


	Re-organise directory structure with separate build directory.
	Add manpage.
	Strip query string before looking for static content.
	Remove dependency on Boost.Thread and Boost.ProgramOptions.


	Build experimentally on OS X.
	Work around FF3 scrollbar issue.
	Remove unused dangling symlink.
	Fix mimetype.sh when there are multiple matching entries in 
		/etc/mime.types, e.g. Suse 11.


	Remove apache module and anygetty.
	Add control keys menu.


	Maybe make Safari keyboard input work again.
	Add mozilla copy-to-clipboard from Simon Wissinger.
	Set the erase character to backspace.
	Add on_close_goto_url.
	Tidy up various CSS things.


	OpenBSD fixes (from Patrick Augé).
	Limit scrollback to 1000 lines.


	Compile on g++ 3.4.4.
	Work with Firefox 3.
	Try harder to make subprocesses terminate properly.
	Fix compilation errors in daemon/Screen.hh.


	Handle ALT keys.
	Handle ctrl-space.
	Remove standalone daemon's recode dependency.
	Add --name option to daemon so multiple pid files are possible.
	Compile on g++ 4.0.2.
	Cope better when subprocess is unkillable (e.g. sudo).
	Avoid zombie processes that escape waitpid().


	Add scrollback.
	Add --local-only option to daemon.


	Remove left-over Sarrissa reference from Daemon makefile.


	Use explicit cross-browser XMLHttpRequest code in place
		of Sarrissa.js.
	Support shifted function keys F1-F8.
	Prevent IE default behaviour for function keys.
	Fixes for FreeBSD.


	Show a stacktrace if the stand-alone daemon segfaults.
	Handle alt-gr better.
	Map ctrl-. to ctrl-^, which browsers don't send.
	Fix segfault in stand-alone daemon's scroll-up function.


	Use more CSS for colours, so it's easier to define your own
		colour scheme.
	Change colours for bold, since real bold messes up the layout.
	Report subprocess errors in a JavaScript dialog.
	Fix mutex destruction order bug in daemon.
	Fix bounds error in differ.
	Replace server-to-client XML with plain text.
	Add --max-sessions and --max-http-connections options to daemon.
	Add --diff and --nodiff options to daemon.
	Possibly improved performance in Javascript and editscript


	Support arbitary character sets.
	Replace ROTE with own Terminal class.
	Fix the shift key in Opera.
	Deprecate the WAP functionality.
	Make "ssh %u@localhost" the default anyterm_command in .htaccess.
	Standalone daemon has a command-line option to select
		authentication method, including "null" to record but
		not check the username from Apache.
	Standalone daemon has better handling of subprocess termination.


	Make in daemon directory builds libpbe.
	libpbe build from apachemod directory disables Recode.
	Fix session closing and timeouts in backend to avoid freezes.


	Add copy and paste buttons.


	Don't build things with unwanted dependencies in libpbe.
	Simplify building of common code with symlinks.


	Support serial ports in the standalone daemon.


	Support POST requests in both Apache module and standalone
	Use a new different shared memory segment name each time the
		module starts.


	Add extra security to example .htaccess file.
	Share more code between Apache module and standalone daemon.
	Do data-plumbing to subprocess ourselves, not inside ROTE.
	Use threads in backend to process process output, rather than
	Close sessions correctly.
	Get random session ids from /dev/random.
	Build two archives in common, one for shmem, one for std


	Use the candidate Boost Shared Memory library.


	Merge patch to support Solaris.
	Support Apache2.2 (once they can do C++, presumably in 2.2.1).
	Support F11 and F12 keys.
	Fix FreeBSD build bug.


	Make compilation on FreeBSD more likely to work.
	In the standalone daemon:
		Use a condition variable rather than polling.
		Get command to run, user to run as and port to listen
		on from command-line options.
		Redirect a request for / to /anyterm.html.
	Use svn:external for libpbe.
	Use Subversion.
	Build in common/ with -fPIC.


	Make ctrl-[\] work, and try to make ctrl-^@_ work.  Don't send
		junk for other undefined ctrl keys.
	Make cross-compilation easier.
	Use common code in apachemod.


	Add experimental stand-alone Anyterm daemon.
	Use apxs to find path to libtool.


	Use rote_vt_get_pty_fd from ROTE 0.2.8, removing need to
	access roteprivate.h.


	Fix missing <stdint.h> header.
	Fix stylesheet comment syntax.


	Disable the status page by default.
	Show only 3 digits of the session ID on the status page.
	Use a 64-bit session ID.
	Update to version 0.9.6 of Sarissa.
	Make HTML more flexible.
	Add SE-Linux configuration files to contrib directory.
	Add anyterm.spec file to contrib directory.
	Work around some Konqueror peculiarities.
	Expand %u in anyterm_command to username from HTTP AUTH.
	More 64-bit fixes.

	Add status page.
	Manage shared memory properly, thereby removing the limit on
		the number of sessions and terminal dimensions.
	Improve error reporting.
	Support 64-bit architectures.
	Find Apache include directory automatically.


	Add WAP functionality.
	Make terminal size adjustable per-session, up to a hard limit.
	Use more C++.
	Improve error reporting using exceptions.


	Fix build error with asm statements on platforms that use them
		for APR atomic operations (again).
	Support Escape key.


	Hack javascript to work with Opera.
	Make HTTP requests POSTs rather than GETs.
	Send anti-cache HTTP headers.
	Update Sarissa to new version.
	Fix module name so that <IfModule anyterm> works.


	Iterate after rote_vt_update() returns without processing
		all pty output.
	Tweak diff algorithm settings so diffs are sent for bastet.
	Reduce memory used by diff algorithm when "generous" max_time
		paramter is supplied.
	Grey-out terminal when closed.
	Put hostname and Anyterm version number in terminal title.
	Improve terminal HTML appearance.
	Fix potential issue in SIGCHLD handling.


	Fix non-random random session id.
	Define character set using a macro.


	Close files (and sockets) inherited from Apache.
	Put backend process in same process group as other Apache
		processes, so hopefully it will die when Apache dies.
	Possibly avoid some race conditions.
	Use more C++.
	Compile incrementally.
	Improve error reporting.
	Remove polling from backend (needs to peek inside ROTE private


	Send child processes SIGHUP when terminal is closed or times
	anygetty clears utmp entry on SIGHUP.
	Start work on removing polling from backend.
	Fix build error with asm statements on platforms that use them
		for APR atomic operations.
	Convert UTF8 keypresses into Latin1 before sending them to the
	Split up module source code.
	Move signal sanitising from anygetty into module, so other
		applications should get a sane signal state.


	Remove anylogin.sh
	Improve locking.
	Allow client's hostname to be passed to application, so
		anygetty can include it in utmp.
	Allow different anyterm_command directives for each directory.
	Support F1 to F10.
	Avoid problems with ctrl-C and ctrl-Z by unblocking them in
	Ignore SIGCHLD in module, but restore default behaviour in
	Add anygetty.


	Attempt colours and bold.
	Add some basic inter-process locking.
	Re-enable SIGCHLD in sub-processes so that "man" works.
	Warn when leaving page.
	Fix Mozilla double-backspace bug.


	Officially "beta".
	Work around IE blank line bug.
	Handle keypresses better, including TAB and Backspace, and
		prevent more browser default actions.


	Display cursor properly (again).
	Unused sessions time out after 30 seconds.
	Support multiple sessions.


	Send differences rather than complete screen each time.


	Add anyterm_command configuration command.
	Add anylogin.sh login script.
	Use a .htaccess file to enable module for a single URL.
	Make cursor keys work in IE, and make . work in Mozilla
		(. has the same code as DEL)
	Add CLOSE button.


	Use a separate process to contain the ROTE state.
	Communicate between Apache request-handling processes and ROTE
		process using shared memory,
	Separate keypresses and screen updates into two concurrent
	Avoid polling by stalling in server until screen has changed.
	Handle cursor keys, PgUp/Dn etc.


	Use ROTE for terminal emulation.
	Try to encode control keypresses in the Javascript.
	Display the cursor.
	Better functionality in IE.


	Initial release.  Alpha quality, barely works!